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  • Sunny Isles Beach

    $300,000 - M1207438
    Beds - Baths 1

  • Aventura

    $300,000 - A1836083
    Beds 2 - Baths 2

  • Hallandale

    $300,000 - A1994960
    Beds 2 - Baths 2

  • Aventura

    $300,000 - A1956093
    Beds 2 - Baths 2

  • Hollywood

    $300,000 - A1982337
    Beds 1 - Baths 1

  • Bay Harbor Islands

    $300,000 - A1973187
    Beds 2 - Baths 2

  • Aventura

    $300,000 - A1966733
    Beds 1 - Baths 1

  • Surfside

    $300,000 - A1941631
    Beds 1 - Baths 2

  • Sunny Isles Beach

    $300,000 - A1926293
    Beds - Baths

  • Hollywood

    $300,000 - A1970654
    Beds 2 - Baths 2

  • Aventura

    $301,000 - A1974794
    Beds 2 - Baths 2

  • Sunny Isles Beach

    $303,000 - A2001245
    Beds 1 - Baths 1


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Maule Lake Home to 30 Luxury Floating Mansions , Very high-end real estate.

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South Florida Real Estate Market UpDate

The second quarter of 2014 continued to cool down for the South Florida "Hot Housing Market ". According to the National Association of Realtors, the median price of a single-family home in the metropolitan areas comprising Miami, Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale rose 7.6 percent in the second quarter to $270,000... more

International buyers accounted for nearly 8 percent of total U.S. home sales.

“International buyers accounted for nearly 8 percent of total U.S. home sales for the year ending in March, 2014 according to the National Association of Realtors,” said Meg Handley in her U.S. News and World Report post. According to the U. S. News and World Report about foreign real estate investor,... more

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Aventura Mall, the second biggest mall-to-be in the Country.

Aventura Mall was built in 1983 by four partners at the Oxford Development Company in Philadelphia. It's now owned by one of their heirs, Jeffrey Soffer. Aventura Mall is the biggest mall in South Florida with 2.7 million square feet and is about to get bigger. The plan is to... more

Miami is Wall Street South

“Miami Is Wall Street South” is the title to an article ran by Business Insider earlier this week highlighting a growing trend with local and global implications. The viral article surprised many, but communicates behavior observed by the real estate pros. The thesis was that Miami is the new Manhattan,... more

Ultra-Luxury new construction in Sunny Isles Beach “Mansions at Acqualina”

The highly desirable real estate market in Sunny Isles Beach is about to get even more desirable with the development of the most highly anticipated new project, “Mansions at Acqualina”. The developer is The Trump Group, renowned developers known for their dedication to style and ultra-luxury condos,Mansions at Acqualina is been... more

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If you are ready to list your Sunny Isles condo-home for sale, set yourself up for success by avoiding these 5 common selling mistakes: 1. Putting your home on the market prematurely. Presentation is everything when it comes to selling your home. So, before you place your home on the market,... more

Kitchen Remodeling Trends in Sunny Isles Beach

Almost half of all new homeowners in Sunny Isles Beach update their home with some sort of home improvement project. Most new homeowners will partake in a remodeling job within a few months of buying their new home. Kitchen remodeling projects are among the top remodeling projects for homeowners in... more